Sri Hanuman Kovil

Sree Hanuman, a great devotee of Sree Rama, an eternal celibate and an unparallelled Karma Yogin is regarded as the very embodiment of Bhakti, pure and selfless love to God. Devotees seek his blessings for intelligence, fame, courage, strength, fearlessness, oratory skills and success in life. He, the unfailing friend, companion and source of strength, blesses them all. In the south East corner of the main temple situates the shrine dedicated to Vajradehi Hanuman. How the Hanuman Idol came into the hands of the temple authorities of Cochin is an interesting piece of history. Gauda Saraswat Brahmins who left Goa to escape from Portuguese persecutions and settled down here


in the 16th century became prominent merchants. Educated and conversant with the Portuguese and Dutch languages they were indispensable as interpreters. The Portuguese had plundered a Hanuman temple near Rameswaram, the temple town to the southern tip of India and the booty with the idol was taken to their ship. Their interest being limited to gold and other valuables, they were about to throw the idol into the sea. Sri Kalaga Prabhu, a distinguished personality who was on board the ship tactfully took possession of the idol and upon reaching Cochin presented it to the temple. In 1881 when the temple was reconstructed and the Third Pratistha was performed, the Vajradhehi Hanuman idol was installed in the present shrine.

Hanuman Nadayil Balk

Hanuman Nadayil Balk 


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