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In addition to the educational and charitable institutions, there are some other organizations that are closely linked with the community welfare. The Gowda Saraswat Students Organisation (GSSO) and Saraswat Youth Association (SYA) are the two associations that concentrate on the Student community. Run by the youngsters of the community, they run college students library, and also provide free tuitions to the students. Senior students’ teaching the juniors has helped the student community in a big way. In addition they also organize other programs like quiz, essay competition etc for the benefit of the student community and also conduct tours.


The other organizations include the Gowda Saraswat Association (GSA), which is basically involved in social activities like promotion of Konkani language, stage decorations during marriages etc. In addition they also help preserve the social fabric through their Konkani plays etc.

Shree Venketesha Seva Samithi situating just outside the temple was founded in 1935 by our beloved dharma guru Shreemad Sukratheendhra Theertha Swamiji with a view of Social Service to the community members. read more

The GSB Vartak Mandal is an association of the merchants of the community that is involved in social work. They also provide financial assistance to the needy members of the community for studies and other social functions.

GSB Mahila Mandal is an organization of the women members of the community that is involved in social service mainly for the needy women. They run tailoring classes and also have Bhajan Mandali performing Bhajans during special occasions. Organizing discourses on epics and Dharma Sastra and puranas during afternoon for the benefit of the women is another commendable activity of this organization.

Sevanam Gosripuram is a group of like minded peoples who are ready to offer thier Thana, Mana and Dhana as a seva to Lord Venkatesha of Gosripuram and to our Dharma Guru of Kashi Math Samthan. read more

The Yogia Pai Narayana Pai Trust and Sree Narasimha Prasad Trust run the marriage halls extensively used by the community members for many social functions. In addition, the Yogia Pai Narayana Pai Trust also run a public Library and reading room. The All Kerala Saraswat Brahmin Association is another organization, which provide financial assistance for higher education to the poor and needy students.

The Bhajan Mandalis or the groups that sing the glory of the lord during special occasions and temple festivals are another category of voluntary institutions. There are many of them namely Anandaghana Bhajana Mandali, Guru Kripa Bhajan Mandali, Samskriti Bhajan Mandali, Sree Ram Bhajan Mandali, and others whose main activity is Bhajan. Many of them are even very popular among other GSB settlements in kerala.

In addition, those small organizations and groups who join together for special activities like performing Udayastamana seva for the lord on a specific day of the year are also worth mentioning. The Mattancheri GSB Merchants Association on whose behalf the whole function on Vaisakha Pournami day are performed, the Cherlai GSB Merchants Association who perform all the functions on the karthika Pournami day, GSB Bank Staff Association, The GSB Island Employees Association, GSB Teachers Association, the GSB Office Association, the GSB Insurance Employees Association are a few to name.

There other lesser known groups like Lord Siva Friends who provide free refreshments to the community members on the eighth day of festival, Tulasithara brothers who decorate the temple on Deepawali and other festive days and also those who light the big lamp Deepasthambham  in the temple on the seventh day of festival. All such institutions together help keep the community together and preserve our age-old customs and traditions.

Gowda Saraswat Brahm

Gowda Saraswat Brahm 


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