Kalyanamandapam Project

Kalyanamandapam Project

Gosripuram is widley acclaimed as the centre of cultural congregation of the Gowda Saraswath Brahmin community. The Mahajanam of Kochi have been blessed by the divine grace of Lord Lakshmi Venkatachalapathy of Gosripuram to protect its holy and timeless tradition which has been handed over through generations.

It has been a long cherished dream of the Mahajanam, as well as an essentiality of Gosripuram, to have a well furnished Kalyanamandapam. The Cochin Thirumla Devaswom has taken up this novel project of constructing such a Kalayanamandapam with all modern facilities in the sannidhi of Gosripuresha, heeding to the demands of the Mahajanam and devotees.

This construction project has been started with prayers at the Lord’s Lotus feet and with the blessings of Kashi Madathipathi Srimad Sudhindra Tirtha Swamiji and His Patta Shishya Srimad Samyameendra Tirtha Swamiji, and It is estimated a cost of Rupees One & a half Crore. We are confident that we can fulfill this noble objective of constructing the Kalayanamandapam with the whole-hearted co-operation and support from the Mahajanam, devotees and well-wishers of the Samaj.

On this ocassion, when a dedicated conscience is very much needed to work together like in the past, a few schemes have been designed to enable devotees to contribute liberally to this noble cause to their maximum extent. The different schemes by which devotees can contrubute are detailed over leaf.

Gratefully acknowledging the consistent support and co-operation from the well-wishers and devotees over the years and earnestly soliciting the same in the future, we submit this appeal before the Mahajanam.


Donate @ Square foot

The total built area of Kalyana Mandapam would be around 10000 square feet and rate per square foot is estimated Rs 1500/-. Devotees can donate multiples of (Rs. 1500 /-) for each square foot. Every one may generously contribute to this glorious project as many square feet as possible.

Rent free scheme

For the people who donates an amount of Rs. 25,000/-, would be allowed to use Kalyanamandapam for their future functions rent free once in life.

Donor’s Name Display Scheme

For Donations Rs.50,000/- and above Donor’s Name would be displayed in Kalyanamandapam, in addition they can use Kalyanamandapam for their future functions rent free once in life.

All donations can be remitted in lumpsum or installments at CTD enquiry office or we can arrange collection people at your convenience

Our Bankers :

Corporation Bank
A/c No : 002800101000002
IFSC code : CORP0000028
Swift Code : CORPINBB077
Br : Kochi - 02

The Federal Bank,
A/c No : 13750100138820
IFSC code : FDRL0001375
Br : Marine Drive, Kochi - 31

M.S.C Bank Ltd.No.3284,
Main Branch Cherlai Kochi - 02
A/c No : 024102000000004

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