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The shila of Goddess Durga was re-installed on the renovated 'peeth' at the Durga temple in the north Cherlai street in Cochin on Wednesday ,18 th may 1983 A.D.
The Sila is without figure.hence the godess is worshipped as " Nirakara " here.Only a cresent of the moon is visible on the sila. in konkani it is called " Addya oonch " (above Obstacles).
it is a custom among the local people to break a coconut in front of goddess Addya oonch when a child is born in the family. They also offer plantains and puffed rice to the deity. Later it will be distributed among the children.the offerings are made to propitiate the deity to protect the child.people belive that if Goddess Durga is propitiated by offerings of plantains and puffed rice one can overcome obstacles.
About the orgin of the temple,it is said that during the region of Sakthan Thampuran members belonging to the konkani community left Cochin in the year 1791 A.D. following the anti-policies of Sakthan Thampuran . They settled at Thuravoor and Alleppey.One section of the community settled at Varapuzha.The succeser of sakthan thampuran regretted the repressive policy followed towards the Konkanis.He invited the members of the konkani community settled in Travancore state to come back to Cochin.
Members of the community settledat Varapuzha Decided to leave for cochin but they were still sceptical about the treatment they would receive in cochin.
Members of the community settled at varapuzha decided to leave for cochin but they were still scepetical about the treatment they would receive in cochin.
It is said Goddess Durga then gave "Darsan" to the leader of the Community and said  that there is no need for any fear from the raja of cochin.
The godess then said a Sila of Durga was lying on the backyard of a durga temple at Varapuzha and that the sila should be installed on a "peeta".
Goddess durgn assured the community members that She would remove all obstacles that may come to them in future and directed the leader of the community to return to cochin along with his community members.
the Sila found  at Varapuzha temple was taken was taken to cochin by the members of the community and it was installed on the "peeta" in North Cherlai the site of the present temple.
Men or Women Belonging to the community perform pooja at the temple .Prayers are held for removalof obstacles




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