About Kashi Math

Headquarters : 22/86 Brahma Ghat, Varanasi-221001

Short Name : Shri Kashi Math.

Presiding Deities : Shri Veda Vyasa and Shri Raghupati (Lord Rama Chandra) popularly known as Shri Vyasa Raghupati.


Festivals And Fasts : Chaturmasya Vrita for four fortnights during the rainy season and all other fasts and festivals as per Hindu Lunar Calendar. Then the math also observes two months, one in spring as Vasant Mas and the other one during November / December as Vyasotsava in commemoration of Shri Vyasa's achievements.

First Guru : Shrimat Yadavendra Tirth Swamiji.

The Reigning Guru : Shrimat Sudhindra Tirth Swamiji, 20th in the pontifical lineage.

Successor (from 20th June, 2002) : Shrimat Samyameendra Tirth Swamiji

Brief History: Shri Kashi Math, historically was founded around the year 1540 and the first Swamiji was given Deeksha by the celebrated H.H.Shrimat Vijayeendra Tirth Swamiji of Kumbhakonam Math. As per the records Shri Kumbhakonam Math gave two idols of Lord Rama and Lord Vyasa to Shrimat Yadavendra Tirth along with the rights to guide the GSB Samaj in spiritual matters. The second Swamiji Shrimat Keshavendra Tirth while taking a bath in the holy River Ganga in Varanasi got another idol of Shri Vyasa which to-day is the presiding deity of the math. The math building in Kashi is a very big mansion with about 110 rooms and in one of the pooja rooms, Shrimat Raghavendra Tirth, the 5th Swamiji had a darshan of Lord Narasimha. The 7th Swamiji Shrimat Madhavendra Tirth entered the samadhi when he was still alive in Walkeshwar, Mumbai way back in 1775 and every Swamiji of the guruparampara has carved a name of his own among the saints of the GSB Samaj. Shrimat Bhuvanendra Tirth, 17th Swamiji and Shrimat Varadendra Tirth Swamiji besides being great scholars and tapaswins, were also gifted Ayurvedic physicians.

About Kashi Math

About Kashi Math 


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